How to make good profit out playstation/movie shop

1.Always keep good record of your spendings-avoid unnecessary spendings like buying something everytime hawker gets in the shop,you should restrict hawkers from your premises
-Always switch off screen and PS when there is no one playing to save on power.

-Avoid drugs and alcohol-some of your customers will bring you drugs or alcohol,you should ban any form of drug abuse/alcoholism in your shop

2.Avoid debts-playing game is not a must,so no one should play on debt.Mostly players don’t pay out debts,they assume as a bonus.

3.Take care of all your machines to avoid spending on repairs-Repairing Ps4 and playing pads is expensive and requires professionals who mostly are not in all towns.When you give local ‘Fundi’ your machine they will damage them .

-Always ensure your room is clean because dust affect machines.

4.Make sure you save a certain amount of money everyday-Every time there new version of Ps ,FIFA or any game,players migrate to where there is a new version.When you save you are safe when a new version of a game is released.

5.Be tough on your friends-your friends may normalise playing for free games,you should stop them and ban idle sitting in your shop.

Those are just some factors,I will point out all of them in my next articles.This is a good business worthy venturing in,you can start now.I will be posting more articles on on this business.Please support me by liking, following and subscribing

Factors to consider when starting a playstation/movie shop.

Most of the time,you pass around a playstation/movie shop you will find it filled with customers especially youths.Playstation has become a place where youths go to pass time during their free time.Have you ever asked yourself how is this business?Don’t mind,Having worked in the business,I have something to share with you;

When I completed my highschool studies,I was lucky to start a playstation/movie shop.I started with two Ps4,three 32″ screen,seats,WiFi kit,counter,movie banner and games like FIFA, mortal Kombat,GTA, battlefield,NBA and WWE games.For a Start,you can start with those as you you add more.Usually, when starting a business you need to consider some factors like;

1.Location-when starting any business,you should consider a good location, which is easily accessed and around your target.My playstation was opposite MKU,so that was a win for me.

2.Rent-when starting a business you should go for the cheapest room, otherwise you can end working for the landlord.If you have your house,that a big win.I was paying rent of 50$ every month

3.Other expenses like;Internet, electricity, music and decorations-the main target of this business is young age,so you need to keep your shop decent,you need WiFi to download movies and also to attract more customers,you need to decorate your shop with maybe graffiti or stickers,young age likes music,so you need atleast a sub woofer and above all,all those electronics need electricity.

4.Security-Ps machine are expensive and are major target by criminals. Your shop should have strong doors and windows plus padlock which is not easily breakable.One should install CCTV to monitor all movement.Once customer are through with the game, take the pad and put them safely.

5.Competion-when starting a playstation,you should know the number of such shop in the town to avoid unhealthy competition,I started with only 3 shops in the town but later more shops came out.

Considering all those factors,this business can make a good profit for you,I will discuss more of this business in the next articles.Keep tuned and please share.God bless you.

Is Troncase legit?

Troncase is an investing program that run automatically in Blockchain using the smart contract. I will explain some terms because some of you may not be familiar with them.Well, Blockchain is a system of recording information in a way that makes it difficult or impossible to change, hack,or cheat the system while smart contract are programs stored on Blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met.They typically used to automate the execution of an agreement so that all participants can be immediately certain of the outcome, without any intermediary’s involvement or time loss.

Troncase is a platform that claims to be runned under smart contract, that means even those who created it can’t control it anymore.It started in February 2021 offering 1% daily interest of amount invested till you receive 300%,but when you re-invest some of your earnings the contract can last forever.It promises community bonus of +.1% daily return everytime 50,000 new participants joins and +.1% bonus increase when 20 000 000 trons are contributed in the platform.Minimum investment is 100trx and 60trx are charged every time you contribute.

Many people have claimed the platform not to be legit due to some reasons like;

1.It promotes refferals, which means when there is no longer new members joining,it may lack trons to pay out categorising it as a Ponzi scheme.

2.The fact that it promises to pay out 300% in return, nobody is sure that it can manage to pay out.

3.Nobody knows if for sure,it is a smart contract under Blockchain technology.

As an investor,who takes risk I decided to invest with this platform.I joined when only 10 000 members had joined with daily return of 1.1% , currently the platform has gained almost 200 000 members with daily 2.5% return.During a period of 3 months I have managed to recover the initial amount I had invested,now am just swimming in profits.There is no investment platform can guarantee you 100% safety,so you can just give a try to this platform and try your luck. .That my link you can use it join.I will highlights guidelines on how to create an account later but you can WhatsApp me via +254729496996.

Thanks alot for reading my post,as I promised,I will always alert you for all opportunities that comes out.I will be discussing more details on what is trons,how to convert trons to fiat currency,etc.Feel free to ask any questions, follow and subscribe to my page.


Vaping is inhaling of vapour created by an electronic cigarette while electronic cigarette(e-cigarette) is a device that stimulates smoking.Vape market have increased in the last few years as many people are switching from traditional tobacco smoking.As an investor this is the best article for you, because this a new industry coming to the market and not everyone is aware about it,some of the reasons that has lead to growth of this industry are;

1.Vaping is healthier compared to traditional tobacco smoking-vaping has less long term effects compared to smoking.It was also worth noting that vaping is 100% risk free,it also got its effect like lung diseases,throat irritation,etc

2.Vaping is cheaper compared to cigarette smoking-once you purchase a vape kit and juice,it serves for a longer time hence making some savings compared to buying rolls of cigarettes

3.Vaping is Easily accessed and available-with increased number of online business,you can easily buy vape products online or in the nearest shop.

4.Awareness amongst the teens-youths have adopted to vaping as they opt from traditional tobacco smoking.

5.Endorsement from celebrities-there is big number of celebrities endorsing vaping making it a culture.

Vaping materials-Vaping materials come in different sizes and prices making them affordable to users.

In conclusion, there is numerous factors that has led to growth of this industry.It is easy and cheap to start with a low capital and start making profit.You can decide to start an online shop and offer delivery to customers in their places.I will work tirelessly and do thorough research to make sure you meet the business of your choice.Thanks for reading this post


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